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The truth is, our civilization is not Christian; it is a tragic compound of great ideal and fearful practice, of loving charity and fearful clutching of possessions.

Alan Paton

It’s necessary to have wished for death in order to know how good it is to live. Alexandre Dumas

We have all been expelled from the Garden, but the ones who suffer most in exile are those who are still permitted to dream of perfection.

Stanley Kunitz

How often we sit weeping — you
and I — over the life we lead!
My friends, if you only knew
the darkness of the days ahead!

Alexander Blok

A day spent without the sight or sound of beauty, the contemplation of mystery, or the search of truth is a poverty-stricken day; and a succession of such days is fatal to human life.

Lewis Mumford

Sloth is the natural result of unrewarded hard work among the poor, reason enough for them to be prickly.

Lao She

She said he looked better. He insisted it wasn’t true. Then both were silent. They ate carefully—lonely people no longer astonished by their loneliness.

Henry H. Roth

Thus, as far as he is a scientific man, as far as he knows anything, he is a materialist; outside his science, in spheres about which he knows nothing, he translates his ignorance into Greek and calls it agnosticism.

Friedrich Engels

Without him nothing was done, and through him everything was done, and the king trusted him more than any other.

Jean Froissart